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Check out the most common questions about Xebrio.

What makes Xebrio better than other project management software in the market?

Xebrio is an end-to-end project management ecosystem that offers features from requirements management to release management.

Where does Xebrio host all its customer-input data?

Xebrio hosts all customer data on AWS cloud-based servers within the US region. Typical data includes system and user-generated contents, including but not limited to requirements, tasks, documents, comments, bugs, milestones, test cases, test plans, release information, and more such relevant data.

Does Xebrio transfer any customer-input data to any external or a cloud-based location?

Xebrio’s cloud-hosted version exchanges partial data with third-party apps on a need basis to ensure the smooth running of our services and few regulatory compliances. To know more about the third-party integrations, kindly visit our Privacy Policy.

How does the Xebrio pricing work?

Xebrio offers a 14-day free trial. To continue using Xebrio, you can upgrade to one of our paid plan. Xebrio offers solution-based pricing plans for task management, requirements management, test coverage, and release management. These plans range from $10 to $40 per user per month.

Xebrio also has an offer of $10/month for up to ten users across all pricing plans for start-ups and small teams.

Will I be charged sales tax?
Xebrio is legally obliged to collect state and local tax on the subscription fees depending on the customers’ location. The application of state or local tax and their rates differs based on the customers’ location. It can vary from state to state. Whether tax is due or not will be determined based on the customers’ location. The applicable state and local sales tax will be applied to the fees based on the customers’ billing address.
Is there an on-premise version of Xebrio?

Yes, Xebrio offers an on-premise solution for enterprises. To know more, contact

Does Xebrio offer a discount for start-ups?

Yes. Xebrio does have a special offer for start-ups and small teams that costs $10/month up to ten users. To know more, contact

How do I cancel my paid subscription?

You can cancel your paid subscription anytime from the Billing section of your account.

Can I export my data after my subscription ends?

Yes, you can export your data after your subscription ends.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. Xebrio is GDPR compliant. If you wish to know more about our GDPR policy, click here.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Your data is secure. Xebrio always uses an SSL connection. The data is accessible only to those users who create the data. Xebrio also follows industry best practices for the security of the application and the data. To ensure overall security, Xebrio uses the cloud infrastructure of reputed companies.